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Get your moving consultation now!
Corporate service offerings include assessing your old and new spaces including equipment, furniture and materials to best outline a custom move strategy. Expert project managers are available to oversee your relocation from A to Z, including pre-move meetings with your team, detailed move-schedules, and vendor coordination.
For residential relocations, our teams can provide on-site walk-throughs and estimates, pre-and post move checklists, and storage solutions to make the conversion to your new home a breeze.
Right Side Move professional teams are your planning partner. Whether coordinating logistics for an office remodel, corporate move, local or a long-distance relocation, we are here to help you draft and execute your transition.
We offer the best one to one moving consultation to cover your move no matter where you're moving to!
How much will my move cost?
Since every move is unique, our sales team performs a detailed intake with you to plan for the most efficient number of trucks, movers, and length of your move. We only bill for time used, and our vehicles arrive with all equipment necessary to transport your items safely and securely. See our rates.

Additional materials, such as boxes, packing tape, padding material, or articles you wish to keep (such as moving blankets) are also available. If needed, you should plan for parking permits or tolls (such as the Washington ferry). Additional stops for donation or disposal in your move plan are also a consideration. 

fter your move your cant find something, family value or favorite furniture was broke, bed can't assembled or any of your household goods are damaged, missing or lost?
We will help you file your claim in writing with your moving companies for any loss or damage that occurred. Maybe you wish to dispute the additional charges that applied for your move.

If you are unable to get your claim with your mover settled to your full satisfaction, we will helping you use arbitration as a means of obtaining a resolution and possible returning some part of payment or reduce your balance price. Need assistance? Contact us
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